NTK Project

The professional framework
designed for [x]Harbour,
providing a set of tools
that allow xBase developers
to create Windows Apps

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NTK-Free Training Edition NTK-Pro Edition NTK-Premium Edition
Download the NTK-Free 'Training edition' Donate and get your NTK-Pro license Purchase your NTK-Premium license
         Download the NTK-Free 'Training edition'
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NTK-Free is the test drive version of our Framework. This platform is perfect for training usage or/and non-commercial application development.

         Donate and get your NTK-Pro license
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NTK-Pro is the community edition of our Framework. Based upon the 'donaware' principle, this platform is convenient for developers who need to design
professional & reliable applications.

         Purchase your NTK-Premium license
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NTK-Premium is the ultimate professional version of our Framework. It is mainly intended for developers or development teams who require the best.
i.e. extra Add-on libraries, a special access (at discounted price) to our commercial services: technical support & bespoke programming solutions