Our range of commercial services

A successful solution goes beyond great software; It includes correct implementation with reliable and effective on-going services & tech-support. For developers or organizations looking for greater level of support, we provide professional services and custom commercial support to match their needs.

Custom Programming Services

Since 2008, we provide expert services and the know-how to assist you quickly implement and leverage the full potential of the NTK-Framework's features and functionalities:

   • Consulting and engineering: Project Owner/IT Project Management Support, Functional Design,
      Analysis, Time/Cost estimates.
   • Creation & Maintainance of bespoke applications for desktop or SlatePC (gesture-driven).
   • Migration of xBase (Clipper, C4W, dBase, dbXL, Foxpro, etc.) legacy programs to Windows world.
   • Implementation of specific R&D solutions, custom APIs, backbone frameworks intended to developers.
   • Development & Integration of complex n-Tier solutions.
   • Complete support & coverage of your project.

Let us put The NTK-Framework to work for you...

For more information or to discuss your needs, please contact us today.

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NTK-Care - Professional Support Center

We offer a professional support based on your needs via single-use e-tickets. Get guaranteed response times and access to a NTK Team member using our Tech-support platform . Don't let technical problems impact your NTK development experience, have expert assistance on-hand to solve technical issues and help ensure you get the best from the NTK-Framework.

   • Production and operational support
   • Priority response for issue resolution
   • Best practices, source code quality audits
   • Access to the NTK development team

The NTK Team is committed to providing a high quality support to all NTK-Pro & NTK-Premium users.

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