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Since November 2008, NTK-Pro may be used free of charge, but if you wish to express your appreciation ; for the time and resources the authors have expended developing it, for our community support and also help defer; the costs of running the web server, we do accept and appreciate regular donations.

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In order to contribute to The NTK Project, and get your single user license of NTK Pro v.1.12P.0 Autumn'12(*), you may select the amount of your donation(**) among those proposed (or even define your own):

€ 30 € 60 € 90 € 120 € 150 € 180 Other:

(Note: The donation is done via PayPal, the minimum base amount is €uro 30, but if you would like to donate more, you may do so!)

(*) Electronic delivery only.
(**) As soon as your donation is registered, the download link will be available to you.