The NTK Team members

Jn Dechereux: Senior software engineer/Architect. NTK's author, and website founder.

Marco Selli: External contributor: Graphical design, and software developement.

Sylvain Pasquet: External contributor: Senior software developer, IT and web technologies.

William David: External contributor: Graphical design, and communication.


At start, late 2001, The NTK Project was initiated as an ambitious idea to migrate our numerous and huge commercial software from Clipper/Clip4Win 16 bit to Win32/xHarbour. Gradually, the idea that it could be useful for other people grew up in our minds. Thus, now, NTK is released as a professional package that provides a set of tools designed to help xBase developers to be really productive in making of Windows applications.

From 2003 until now, we've never stopped improving, debugging, adding new features and technologies, etc.
Now, we're proud to introduce you our NTK Project for xHarbour:

NTK is easy & versatile - Enjoy it!