NTKTouch & NTKSkin : Aplicaciones para Tablet PC

Gestures & MultiTouch

Highly Configurable MsgBox

NTKDbu Skin=IceBlue-Lng=Fr

NTKDbu Skin=Violet-Lng=En

Pan Xperience & Google API

Shaped Window1

Shaped Window2

Skinnable & Multitouch_MediaPlayer_PoweredByNTK

Skinnable & Multitouch_NTKReport Preview object

Window & transparent Layer

NTKRad development : ¡Sólo xBase!


Buttons & owner drawn buttons
Source code

Hyperlink Buttons

Skinned Buttons

Browse y DataGrid

Browse & Edit

Browse & Form 1
Source code

Browse & Form 2

Browse Images
Source code

Browse customization

Source code

MultiTouch Browses&Gets

Touch Browse & Gestures

Get y Widget

Extended GetSystem & Widgets
Source code

Source code

Form & Gets - sample1

Form & Gets - sample2


Basic Gauge

Manifest-Windows Theme

Skinned & Gradient Gauge

MDI soporte

MDI-App Demo
Source code

MDI-App ExportCenter

Impresión soluciones.

Crystal Report Designer

Invoke CR runtime via ActiveX
Source code

Invoke CR runtime via Dll

The NTKReport Library Demo1

The NTKReport Library Demo2

The NTKReport Library Demo3

The NTKReport Preview Object

The NTKReport Preview with Skin & TouchGesture support

Tabs - Las etiquetas

Basic Sample

NTKTForm & static Tabs

NTKTabManager - Dynamic Tabs 1

NTKTabManager - Dynamic Tabs 2

Tabs - Dynamic&Static


Com port Library, CT3 compliant
Source code

Custom Calendar

TrackBar Demo
Source code

Treeview & XML data
Source code

Twitter access
Source code

WebScraper with WinInet
Source code

xBase-Dos Migración

Clipper Basic Translation
Source code

Dbase Basic Translation

dbXL Migration Prompt+Gets+Browse

NTKTActiveX : Integrar tecnologías externas...

Custom Browser IE based

FlashPlayer Programming
Source code

GD-Twain access


NTKCore development : Acceso nativo a las APIs Win32

Ejemplos de desarrolo 'Pure Core'

Bitmap Manipulation
Source code

Dialog & Bitmap
Source code


Owner Drawn Buttons

Rich Edit
Source code

Source code

Window Transparency
Source code

Compatibilidad hacia atrás con Clip4Win

Source code

Clip4Win Demo 4 multi window
Source code

Source code

Drag & Drop
Source code

Source code